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Sunrise at the Three Stakes Saloon

McQueen Light Novels

Not all vampires are cut out to be vampires.

In fact, not all vampires are Suave, Devishly Good Looking, or have perfect hair.

Even fewer glitter in the daylight.

Some are completely inept, and terribly unsuitable for the life of an undead bloodsucker. Meet Clyde, Steve, and Gabe. Three young vampires who work at the Three Stakes Saloon, with their master, Wyatt. After Wyatt dies horribly (Steve swears it was an accident), rival vampire's begin to muscle in on their prime Santa Alma territory.

If they hope to keep the Three Stakes Saloon, and avoid being killed in the process, they'll need to learn how to hunt for food, turn new vampires (thanks to the magic of VHS), and navigate the social minefield that is, 1986.

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