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McQueen Dark Novels

John Singer has made some bad decisions, none of them motivated by greed, but many of them unforgivable.


After he and his six year old son, Caleb, crash their car on the back roads of Nebraska, John awakens in chains, surrounded by pigs, held captive by a man who simply wants to find out if John is a 'good man'.


John's would be captor is the only person who knows the fate of Caleb, and John must play along if he hopes to leave with his son, one way, or another.


the only problem is, John may find it harder to prove he's a good man than he thinks.

The new edge of your seat Thriller from E.v McQueen



Eli Cole has suffered nightmares since the night his family moved to Cedar Hill, but now those nightmares have begun to communicate with him in the waking world.

They come with a message, one that has him believing that his father may not be the man he thinks he is.


Audrey Cross experiences the final moments of murder victims, even though they haven't happened yet. She has spent the better part of her life ignoring the visions, but when she witnesses the brutal murder of a young woman in Cedar Hill, a woman whose brother is known to her, she must finally embrace her macabre burden in order to save her.

A storm is coming to Cedar Hill Cemetery, and with it, something ancient lurks in the dark, something that has waited a very long time for just the right moment to reveal itself.

The new Horror novel by E.v McQueen


3 for the Road:

Three Short Tales of the Macabre

Three short tales of Macabre including Tiny Bones, which tells the story of a man trapped in a hotel attic overnight with hundreds of hungry rats.


Welcome to the Family tells the story of Pete as he prepares to have his future in-laws over for dinner so he can meet them for the first time, the only problem is the dead guy in the pantry who won't shut up. 


Last Train tells the story of dying man who is personally visited by death to help him understand that the life he lived, which he thought was pointless, had a much greater impact on those he met.

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